Near Death Experience

I am writing this on a 4×5″ composition notepad that I got for $4.75 with pens which was $4 more than I had hoped to pay. You don’t realize how badly you want to write things down untill you don’t have that option, but maybe that’s just me.

I am using this instead of my Macbook because sitting on the boardwalk at midnight, typing away on a fancy laptop, surrounded by homeless dudes just seems like asking for trouble. I have wished I brought my leather bound journal with me numerous times but at 4:45 on the morning of my flight as I packed my bag I guess I decided it was too bulky to tag along.

I don’t have a place to sleep tonight for the first time in the 3 full weeks that I have been gone. It is a funny story actually. By funny I mean that I was tremendously angry over a simple miscommunication, but I will get to that later.

Some of my few readers requested that I provide more detail on what is actually going on so I will try to do my best.

My bare feet are sitting on a thin layer of cool damp sand, the kind rejected by the rest of the beach on the slope to the ocean at my back. The concrete underneath the sand is warm enough for my toes though but there is a chilly breeze on top of my feet and ankles. My pant legs are rolled up just enough to keep the deep soft sand off of my jeans while I walked by the ocean. The waves are unpleasantly loud actually but they are my only friend right now so I have kept myself from asking them to keep it down.


Ocean Beach


Two young boys are running along the barrier I’m sitting on trying to keep their balance as they come towards me. Their mom yelling at them to wait for “mommy and daddy.” My guess is she doesn’t want them running past the group of guys that have obviously been to friendly with Mr. Daniels tonight without being by their mothers side, as any mother would.

Earlier, as I walked with my feet in the water just out of hearing distance from the numerous bonfires lining the beach, I found a group of boulders marching out quite a ways into the sea. It was very odd to me that no one was out on the rocks but I was going to climb them anyway.

I started out along the tops of the boulders staying away from the waves crashing on either side of me. As I appraoched the end I saw a dark figure the size of a sand dollar glide across a light colored rock. I had no idea what it could be so I pulled out the flashlight on my phone and lit the rocks on fire.

Now if you can picture the giant spider in The Lord of the Rings, that’s what it was. Except on a much smaller scale and it was a crab but it was terrifying. I had no shoes on and I was in his territory barely able to balance let alone escape his enormous half inch long claws. I needed off these rocks, now.

Then I turned around.

They were everywhere. Hundreds of tiny toe eating crabs staring me in the eye, daring me to come towards them. I got off those rocks faster than you just replied to that last message on tinder. That is the last time I climb on forbidden rocks in the ocean.

The street is empty now except for the occasional smoker coming out of the hotel to polish off his pack before bed. My desire to get why I was so angry off my chest has gone for now and I think I know of a place I can sleep so that story is just going to have to wait for another day.

I am going to let the ocean sleep now since the waves have politely quieted down to let me write. But then there’s the drunk girls screaming at the waves.

I’m sorry ocean, niether of us are going to sleep tonight.



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1 Response to Near Death Experience

  1. sydneycherie says:

    Tardy, you are a phenomenal writer! I love your willingness to drop the comfortable life and go out and do what most of us wouldn’t. Keep up the good work!


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