I am Tardy. I am 19 years old and I have lived in Lubbock, Tx for 19 years. Not too long ago I decided it was time for something different. So I asked my dad to kick me out of the house and he happily agreed. I bought a plane ticket to Santa Barbara, Ca and packed a bag and that was that.

There was no real thought, planning, or reality checks until I was sitting in the Phoenix airport wondering what the hell I was doing. It was still an exciting nervousness at this point. I have realized that while actually traveling by plane or car or train, you are not quite as nervous as you are going to be when you arrive. Luckily these nerves are what I have always found myself craving no matter what I was doing. Be it not passing a test, jumping at the wrong angle on a double flip, or not throwing the girl high enough as she flips and lands back on my hands. Nerves are my best friend.

This entire journey has been full of nervous moments and I am sure it will have many more, but this is exactly what I am looking for. I am planning on going to every state to see what there is to see and to do what there is to do, looking for adventure all along the way.


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