Yes, Yes I Am Traveling.

From since I can remember, I have not wanted to go to college. I have always felt like it is the easy way out and I would never become as successful as I want to be if I picked a major, went to school for four years, and got a job accordingly. I knew I did not want to be a lawyer or a doctor and that was enough reason for me.


My parents have always supported me no matter what I wanted to do and that is probably my biggest asset to this day. Be it setting a goal to win a national championship in power tumbling in exchange for an iPhone, or doing the same in competitive cheerleading, or testing myself by running 50 miles through the nations second biggest canyon in order to run across Texas, they have always had my back.


Compared to some of those things, the idea that led me to this way of life (Jimmy Buffet style) was pretty minor. Although I am sure my mom has been against it the whole time.


After saving up a few thousand dollars to pay taxes on a truck that I was highly expecting to win but lost, I decided to buy a hammock, a backpack, and a plane ticket to Santa Barbara, California. I did not know anyone there nor had I ever been there but somehow I had picked this place of all places to go. It was either that or Florida.


I did not really have a plan except to fly there and live in my hammock in a tree somewhere and earn a butt load of money online. This idea however turned out to not be what I really wanted to do. After a short phone call with Evan, one of my 5 brothers, I figured out that adventure was really the thing burning at my core.


So now as I type this on a train bound for San Diego, I have mentally gone from “Homeless” to “Adventure Seeking Traveler. “ This mental attitude actually happened when I hung up the phone with Evan and I guess it was present in my new demeanor because as I stood in line to buy a hot chocolate at Starbucks an older lady asked me if I was traveling and I very proudly, with my shoulders back and chin up replied, “Yes, Yes I am traveling.”


I am now making my way across America to visit all 50 states meeting many new friends along the way, seeking out adventure and discovering new experiences as I go. I will share these adventures with you, if you so choose, as I go on living out my dreams.

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